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How to Avoid Food Waste Traps | Selina Juul | TEDxKEA

Western and Eastern households alike throw out 20% of their groceries. That’s the equivalent of buying five bags of food, dropping one on the pavement, and not bothering to pick it up. We produce enough food waste to feed the entire billion-strong starving population of the world three times over. Selina Juul has a few simple tricks that will help you dramatically cut down on your own food waste, saving you vast amounts of money and time, while making a positive contribution to the climate and the environment. Selina Juul is the founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement, a blogger at Huffington Post and Dane of the Year 2014. A loyal advocate for the cause, Selina has helped put Denmark on the world map in the fight against food waste.

Autor: TED

Ano de publicação: 2016

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